Welcome to the law offices of t.c. theofrastous, ltd.

We are a multidisciplinary corporate law firm, bringing together technology value creation with experienced corporate legal practice.

Firm focus

Deep Technology Experience • Creative Corporate Counsel. Our team works with small and large companies and institutions to advance their business objectives. For many clients, we act as would in-house counsel, maintaining oversight responsibilities for all legal matters and working as part of the management team to advance the organization’s goals.

Our approach is to scale and broaden our team to meet your needs . As a specialized, interdisciplinary firm, we work with and manage the best local and foreign co-counsel from around the world to efficiently bring the expertise you need, when you need it.


Theodore C. Theofrastous, Principal
Mr. Theofrastous has extensive experience in the field of high technology commercialization and investment, both as a business architect and as an attorney. Ted works across a range of technologies – including healthcare, IT, communications, alternative energy and nanotechnology – routinely focusing the creation of sustainable business success and long-term returns on investment. 

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Deepa Mishra, Commercialziaion Analyst, Patent Agent

Ms. Mishra is a biomedical engineer and commercialization analyst, working with clients to understand and develop the commercial potential of their new discoveries and innovations.

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