Industry Focus

We work across of range of complex industries, including:.

Technology Commercialization

Biomedical and Life Sciences

We work with academic and clinical centers, entrepreneurs and life science industry to develop new potential and bring it to market:

Clinical Trials and Center Development
Industry Sponsored Research
Intellecutal Property Strategies &Transactions
Regulatory and Reimbursement Strategies
Technology Transfer and Policy
New Ventures & Captial Formation

Information Technology & Communications

Perhaps the most pervasive technology around us, we work with business to develop, connect and monetize IT and Telecom potential.

Corporate & Service Transactions
Public / Private Broadband Partnerships
Intellectual Property Strategies
Licensing and Multi-Party Development
New Ventures & Captial Formation

Advanced Energy / Clean Technology

The Advanced Energy Wave is here with unique challenges and opportunities. We work with small and large industry players to develop solid paths to the emerging market:

Formation and Organization
IP Strategies & Transactions
Financial Incentives
Legislative and Public Policy
Project Finance
Power Purchase Agreements
Technology Transfer
New Ventures & Captial Formation

Non-Profits, Commercialization and Economic Development

Community Economic Growth and Development

We help community leaders and stakeholders develop and execute on sustainable strategies growing the local economy.

Technology Based Economic Development
Technology Incubation and Acceleration
Non-Profit Formation and Compliance
Community investment vehicles
Historic Rehabilitiation and Preservation
Public Finance
Tax Incentives

University and Institutional Commercialization

We help design and execute efficient, high-value strategies for taking R&D to Market.

Technology Transfer Policies
Conflict of Interest and IRB
Technology Management Systems
Industry Sponsored Research
Tax-exempt Transactions
Licensing and Monetization Strategies
Spin-Offs and Capital Formation
Strategic Investments
Incubators and Industry Center Development